Thursday, December 6, 2007

A size 2 is fat?????

When are we going to catch a break? Women are so paranoid and anxiety-filled because of these stupid unrealistic expectations.

Jennifer Love Hewitt was photographed in a bikini - A SIZE 2 BIKINI - and people all over the Internet were calling her fat. See this article in Newsweek:

Well, you know what, Jennifer? You look GREAT! And don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. I would love to be a size 2, but given the amount of self-control I have shown around the holiday food gifts that have been sent to our office (oh, those giant caramel apples with all that gooey candy and gunk stuck all over it so that you can barely pick them up and they are so unmanageable to eat, but you don't care because they are heaven on earth), I'm doomed.

Fortunately, she stuck up for herself on her website:

Come on, people. Woman are more than what they look like. Let's quit putting so much emphasis on looks and more emphasis on what we are inside.

Why do you love your family and your friends? Because they look good? No. Because of the kind of people they are. Let's focus on what's important.